Water Supply

Outdoor Faucet

The Board's water division serves approximately 9,500 residential, commercial, and industrial customers. A raw water pump station, on the Broad River pumps to our primary source, Lake Whelchel, or directly into the Victor Gaffney and Cherokee Water Treatment Plants. This assures an adequate water supply well into the next century. The Board has a total treatment capacity of 18 million gallons of water per day. In addition to over 200 miles of water lines, the Board has four above ground storage tanks, including the Peachoid, and 2 million gallons of ground level storage.

Waste Water

Lake Whelchel - wide

The wastewater treatment division provides sanitary sewer services to approximately 6,850 customers in and around Gaffney. The Board operates two wastewater treatment plants. The Clary Plant can treat 3.6 million gallons per day, and the Broad River Plant treats 3.5 million gallons per day. An expansion of the Broad River plant to a capacity of 4.0 million gallons per day is presently under construction. In addition to these plants, the Board has installed and maintains over 130 miles of sewer lines.


Electrical work

The Board's electrical division is second to none. The reliability of the system has proven to be superior to local competitors due to a comprehensive preventative maintenance program and year-round right-of-way maintenance program. The Board provides electricity to nearly 7,300 customers through approximately 130 miles of lines. Wholesale power from Piedmont Municipal Power Agency is supplied through three delivery points one of which is owned by the Board. Piedmont Municipal Power Agency (PMPA) is a joint action agency in which Gaffney, along with 9 other upstate cities, is a member. PMPA owns 25% of unit #2 at the Catawba Nuclear Plant. The pride of the Board is the service it provides. Service requests generally have the same day or next day turn around.

The electrical department is able to offer comprehensive lighting packages to area businesses and industries. The Board finances the project up front providing all equipment, maintenance, and energy for a set monthly fee. The Board is always seeking to attract new businesses and industries to our service area. Our general manager, Donnie L. Hardin, can be contacted directly at (864) 488-8800 or via email at

Through the years, the Gaffney Board of Public Works has earned a reputation for the most reliable and competitive utilities available in the Upstate South Carolina area. Long range planning and community investment have placed the Board of Public Works in the position of leadership among utilities in the Southeast.



Gun Range

As part of its community investment, the Board offers several recreational facilities for Cherokee County residents. These facilities include Lake Whelchel with its picnic facilities and boat landing and our rifle and pistol range. Please call (864) 488-8800 for more information on these facilities.